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Medina Thai Place Restaurant, Alor Setar

Medina Thai Place Restaurant is a must visit restaurant in Alor Setar, for thai food  lovers. Once you reach the restaurant, you will find a great ambiance of the restaurant, relaxing, clean, lighting and colour.  The food served taste authentically Thai. The flavour of each dish is marvelous and i was fascinated with their blue plates. We ordered the Set Pattani that come with: Tom Yam, Vegetables, Fried Fish, served with rice. The price is affordable. The restaurant offers Dine in, Take Away and Delivery Services. Address: No 2, Wisma Koperasi, Jalan Stadium, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah

Is it safe to travel during Covid-19?

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Is it safe to travel during Covid-19? Many of us, have this question...and after a long period of lock down, we are in need of at least a short escaped to charge our batteries and to feel enthusiastic about life again.

For the time being local travels are more safe. Some countries still have travel restrictions and quarantine periods.

It is important to follow all the SOP rules, when visiting places such as exercising social distancing, wash hands often and wear mask.

All tourist attractions, such as hotels have their own SOP to check the temperature, application for check in, hand sanitizing, social distancing and so on.

Spending time in hotels during Covid-19, for some might sound scary, when we think we need to sleep in a bed that has been shared or a bathroom that has been shared by someone else. Is important to make a research on hotels that are full following the SOP. The rooms to be sanitized, the beds and the towels changed after each visitor. You may call the hotel, prior the booking and ask all the information before to book the hotel.

If you really not comfortable, you may bring your own bed sheets and towels.

If you planing to have the meals at hotel, some have room services, that will help you to less expose yourself to the people. Or some have big spaces that will be safe for social distancing to dine in.

For the hotel facilities, i noticed that they prefers a booking prior to use their facilities, in order to sanitize before each visitors, especially for the Gym room or Outdoor Pools.

Remember to carry with you everywhere hand sanitizers, soaps and face masks.

Have a safe travel and let me know how your travels going on during the Covid19. Comment below your challenges during this hard times.