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Advertising Doubts Clarification

When it comes to Advertising, everyone is in doubt, on which method to use either the online or offline channels, in order to boost your business. Advertising Questions Clarification When you think to advertise online or offline, you may put some questions to yourself before creating the advertisement campaign. For what purpose you do the advertising? Are you looking for fast potential customers? Are you looking for a short or long period brand awareness? Are you looking to advertise in your own neighborhood only? Are you looking to advertise to the entire country or worldwide? Advertising channels should be created based on your needs. The results to your questions may be the solution in choosing the best advertising channel. Online Advertising Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok and many more channels. If you are looking for fast results within a specific time of month you may consider Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok Ads. The campaign will run for a

Mukbang Awareness - Eating show videos

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Dear World and Youtube,

Eating disorders are a cry for attention. Obesity is killing the world!
Obesity kills!
World is getting fatter!

Mukbang! Mukbang! Mukbang!

The trend in youtube i noticed is the mukbang. Many viewers and subscribers to watch unhealthy habits.

Please #youtube, #netizens help to educate users, that overeating is a threat to all humans.

Today my first mukbang (eatshow) but with only 1 menu, it is not a healthy one, but i want to make an awareness to all.

Reduce the mukbang to only 1 main dish.

I challenge you all mukbang youtubers, please change your shows to healthy eating shows or 1 main menu. Educate the people to eat less and healthy.

Please check out my latest video on Youtube, dont forget to share it with your loved ones, show that you care!  Blog With Cris On Youtube


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