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Dutch Fort Kota Belanda, Pangkor Island - Malaysia Travel Influencer

Dutch Fort  known as Kota Belanda is a fort located in Pangkor Island, it was built by the Dutch in the year 1670. The fort was constructed to control the tin market and hide from the local sultanate of Perak. Today the fort has become popular among tourists that visit Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island). The fort ruins still visible, you may visit the big garden and see the remaining ruined walls.  There are also available some souvenirs stalls in the garden, where you can purchase any goodies or souvenirs. Admission: Free entry  Address: 32300 Pangkor Island, Perak (location below)  

Malaysia Lockdown - Day 4

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journal articles, sustainable food sources, change med harvard programs food nutrition, food waste problem in the world, food waste solutions, food waste in india, examples of food waste, wolfdog malaysia, mbsa dog pound, kuantan dog adoption,Total number of Covid-19 confirmed cases 1183 🔺️
Death 4.

3 days in a row the Covid-19 cases seems to increase, hopefully citizens to understand the crisis we are facing and hope everyone will adhere to stay at home or if sick to seek help as soon as possible and to inform the medical healthcare of any historical travels or close contact with Covid-19 patients.

Today most of the main roads are closed. You may go out only if you are a local and you know very good the short cuts roads.

I believe this is the best option to keep people inside houses and stop spreading the virus.
Due to closed roads, you will notice more cars plying accessible roads at the moment.

After the panic of buying from day 1,  and some missing items from the shelves, the hypermarkets had since stocked up to normal. So far we don't face with any food shortages. Products are available, if not of the same brand as we usually buy, but still replacement brands.

According to KKM, Malaysia is unable to create a new hospital in a short time period as China created for Covid-19 patients. A solution for the spaces required for Covid-19 patients that will be applied in Malaysia is that some of normal patients cases will be referred to the private hospitals, to make space for the Covid-19 patients in the government hospitals.
Stay Safe! 😷🧤
Stay at home! 🏠🏡
Wash your Hands! 👐🧼
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