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Lavender Garden, Cameron Highlands

It`s a floral theme garden, that has a variety of flowers such as lavenders, orchids, camellias, daisy, lily and many more. The garden is small but filled with flowers and feel like a girl's dream palace. A good time for a walk in nature and flower therapy for the eyes. In the garden, you may buy some souvenirs, ice cream and strawberries.

Admission: Adults: RM 15 Children: RM 10

Malaysia Lockdown - Day 1

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All businesses, schools, universities, mosques, tourists attractions shut down their activities, except essential services such as banks, atm, post offices, gas station, transport, police, fireman, health care, cleaning, water, electric, groceries.

Restaurants are open only for delivery and take away.

The cars has significantly decreased in presence on the streets.
The streets are empty.

Inside the residential areas, the people starting to clean their houses and most of the vehicles are parked inside.

There are a few cases that are not obeying the rules, such as small stalls opening as usual.

If you pass by remote areas there are still gathering such as wedding feast.

Initially, Resorts and Hotels to shut down during the duration of order, however revoked and added under essential services.
Interstate travel will require permission from police during the movement control order however revoked due to many people queueing at the police stations.

Bus and train services to follow the normal schedule today.

Friday prayers and others religious gatherings has to be suspended.

E-commerce services are allowed.

Higher Education Suspends all teaching and e-learning activities.

Those who do not abide by the law, may face RM1k fine, six months jail or both.

Requested all workers that work in others states not to return to their hometown, in order to minimise the spreading of Covid-19.

Health care requested the public to stay at home, only to go out incase of necessities.

Stay safe everyone!
Be positive!