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Lavender Garden, Cameron Highlands

It`s a floral theme garden, that has a variety of flowers such as lavenders, orchids, camellias, daisy, lily and many more. The garden is small but filled with flowers and feel like a girl's dream palace. A good time for a walk in nature and flower therapy for the eyes. In the garden, you may buy some souvenirs, ice cream and strawberries.

Admission: Adults: RM 15 Children: RM 10

10 Tips to grow your followers on Instagram in 2020

10 Tips to grow your followers on Instagram in 2020:

 1. Follow only active accounts
 2. Stay away from spam accounts such as: coins sellers, flights attendants and other dubious accounts
 3. My advise not to use any application, otherwise Instagram may detect you and block some of the privileges or remove your account
 4. Every 2-3 days follow 50 active Instagram accounts.
 5. Engage with others followers Love their post.
 6. Comment on others posts and be active once, to any one commenting on your post.
 7. Keep track of your followers, so that you notice your growing followers
 8. Create good content
 9. Always add #hastags
10. Tag people,or businesses if you share something about their business.

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