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Selamat Datang PKP…Welcome to Lockdown, Malaysia 2021

 Selamat Datang PKP…Welcome to Lockdown Once again, we welcome the lockdown in Malaysia, I don’t remember and I even don’t want to count how many lockdowns passed by, but the good news is we managed to overcome, and we are now entering the second year of Pandemic Covid 19.  We are human and have the ability to adapt to new norms. I know that for each of us, 2020 was not an easy year, some had lost jobs, some changed their business to overcome from failing, some even disappear along the way affected by the Covid 19 virus and the majority who read this post are still wading through the Pandemic.  It does not matter, if we are broke, or our savings getting lower, the good thing is we are still alive.  Alhamdulillah.  These pandemic years is a year of survival in all areas such as health, mental, spiritual, and financial.   In this Pandemic times, it is good to look from other perspective and literally to “start counting our blessings" instead of focusing on how much this Pandemic aff

Christmas Blues

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Even after 13 years of not celebrating Christmas, it is still in my mind the memories of "my childhood christmas". In my view the Christmas was about presents, snow, decoration of house and tree, the christmas tree fresh smell, good food,vacation and family around. Being born near Christmas, the Christmas present will always be considered as my birthday present too, which was not to my liking. My thoughts was it wasn't fair.

Having children of my own, as a parent I believe in offering  more to them than i received from my parents, this is not to show off, but just when there are chances or to better surprise them for Christmas.

However living in Malaysia, the Christmas atmosphere is lesser compared to what i have experienced, without any snow, and fresh Christmas trees. During my first year here i tried to do the artificial Christmas tree but the atmosphere was different. Even buying Christmas presents does not carry that feeling any more. It became hard to explain to my daughters, alone by myself about Christmas.

Usually the Christmas was always supported by all family members in Romania, from parents to grandparents, uncles and aunties. Everyone should have a role during Christmas, usually the mothers used to cook traditional dishes for Christmas, uncles to bring and install the Christmas trees for us to decorate, and after one of the uncles take the role of Santa Claus to bring the presents bought earlier by our parents, the grandparents to bake cookies and pies. Most of the time the Santa Claus, was generous and even left presents for us to the entire family at grandparents, uncles or aunties.

I still remember that we have 2 weeks vacation for Christmas followed by the New Year, not only school holidays but with my parents joining the holidays as well.

My children do not think much of Christmas with their thoughts of only a one day holiday here in Malaysia. They do not feel the excitement of waiting and preparing for the Christmas, just like the Hari Raya here in Malaysia. In Malaysia the Christmas day is a public holiday, however the New Year is a public holiday only for some states. Sound ridiculous, but eventually i am used to it and this does not matter to me any more.

The New Year reminds me of trying hard to stay awake till 12 am to see the fireworks, sometimes even fell a sleep but always at my request my mother will wake me up once the fireworks starts.

These days, Christmas is just making video calls and greetings for Christmas and New Year to all my relatives. Unfortunately even in my country the atmosphere of Christmas, is missing too due to emigration  of family members to others countries, the passing of my grandparents and uncles.

Hopefully for a better year, new resolution, save more money and be healthy. I wish i could focus on my blog. However i need your support to be a pro active reader. For any bloggers interested in link exchange, feel free to PM me.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all!
Have a blast and better year to come 2020!
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