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Malaysia Lockdown - Day 15

Total number of Covid-19 confirmed cases 3116🔺️(increase from yesterday cases)
Death 50🔺️

Malaysia entered in the extended quarantine period that will end by 14 April, if no further extension. In my city, i noticed the roadblocks are stricter making it difficult to move around.

I always think of how a niqab women can drive, however now I can experience by wearing the face mask. I feel like flying, not sure due to face mask or just because there are just few cars outside.

I went to buy some bread 🍞 . One of the essential food items for my household which is not easy to get nowadays. Due to Covid-19 crisis the breads are limited to only 1 loaf of bread per person. Which makes harder for people, especially those who have many members in family and also will require frequent trips just to buy bread. According to the Health Ministry, Malaysia is showing signs of a flattening of the infection curve.

I constantly watch the local news and others European countries as well keeping in touch w…

The importance of water

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I had the chance to live in Romania, and also in Saudi Arabia. I realise this as an opportunity for me to see how others countries struggle to get drinking water from the pipe. In Romania we were born with clean water that can be taken directly from the pipe. However when you have it direct from the pipe and not do any effort to get it is like we take it for granted and we are looking for others soft drinks and we underestimate our clean water. In Romania the water is seen as cheap by people, and this is an alarming point, and sometimes it is to late for us to reflect that we are suffering from any incurable disease due to our poor water intake. For my dear readers and for me, this blog post should be a reminder to all of us, that drinking a lot of water will help us to avoid disease that may arise from the lack of it.