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Nasi Arab Hadramout Paradise, Kinta Riverfront, Ipoh

Nasi Arab Hadramout Paradise, Kinta Riverfront is situated opposite of the Riverfront Hotel. If you are following my blog, you would already know that i am crazy over Nasi arab, Tom Yam and Nasi Campur.  We noticed the restaurant from our hotel. So we just go and try it.😋 The food is an authentic Arab, prepared by I believe Arab chefs. The restaurant is spacious and the service is excellent. The menu has various Arabic and western dishes. The prices are affordable. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed the food and the dessert. The portions are large. 
Caramel pudding is one of my favorite dessert, which is not easy to get in Malaysia.  Address: Kinta Riverfront K1, Jalan Lim Bo Seng, 30000 Ipoh

Guide to The Best Places to Visit, Eat and Photoshot in Alor Setar, Kedah

Just sharing some of the best places to visit, eat and photo shot, when you are in Alor Setar, Kedah.
Most of the attractions admission are free. Please do check out the places and best to prepare the budget for your accommodation, transport and the food as well.

Have a nice holiday in Alor Setar and dont forget to tag #malaysiatravelinfluencer when you discover Alor Setar. I will feature your posts in our social media platforms.

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Recommended Attractions to visit in Alor Setar:

1.  Alor Setar Tower, Menara
2.  Muzium Padi (Rice Museum) Alor Setar, Kedah
3.  Masjid (Zahir)- Free Admission
4.  Masjid Al Bukhary - Free Admission
5.  Malay Heritage Village - Tok Su- Free Admission
6.  Keriang Hill Resort
7.  Gunung Keriang - Hiking - Free Admission 
8.  Ladang Madu Kelulut Ori (The Honey Farm) Alor Setar, Kedah - FreeAdmission
9.  Galeri Sultan Abdul Halim - Gallery Sultan Abdul Halim - Free Admission
10. Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial - Free Admision
11. Y.B Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad Birthplace - Free Admission
12. Kedah Royal Museum - Free Admission
13. Muzium Negeri Kedah - Kedah State Museum - Free Admission 
14. Balai Seni Negeri - State Art Gallery - Free Admission
15. Pekan Rabu
16. Nobat Tower Alor Setar
17.Rumah Merdeka
18. Alor Setar Heritage District
19. National Science Center

Best places photos in Alor Setar:

1. Kuala Kedah Beach - Free
2. Rice fields - Paddy fields -  Free
3. Blue Lagoon,  Alor Setar - Free
4. Alor Setar Stree Art - Free

Best places to eat in Alor Setar:

1. Roti Benggali Alor Setar (indian cusine)
2. Nasi Royale (indian cuisine)
3. Bendang Kitchen Alor Setar, Kedah (western cuisine)
4. Asam Pedas at Big Pot - Alor Setar (melayu cuisine)
5. Nasi Arab Puji Alor Star (arab cusine)
6. Seafood - Jetty One Sea Food Corner (thailand cuisine)
7. Labo Labo Steamboat & BBQ Alor Setar
8. Nasi Kerabu Lobster & Western
9 .Laksa Sekoq, Alor Setar
10. Nasi Campur - Goreng Bawal (melayu cusine)
11. Nasi Campur - Adik Abang (melayu cusine)
12. Nasi Campur - Pokok Pisang - (melayu cusine)
13. Restorant Beriani Tam - (indian cuisine)

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