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1 August 2020, wearing mask in public space is compulsory in Malaysia.

Today, 1 August 2020 Malaysia announced that wearing mask in public space is compulsory in Malaysia.
The face mask awareness is to be imposed to prevent the increase of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia.
In Malaysia, the numbers of cases increase due to imported cases and not adhering to the rules regarding home quarantine. 
At the moment, Malaysia announced that all quarantine cases will be done at government appointed facilities, instead of  home quarantine. 
Others countries that already implemented the mask wearing in public area are Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Victoria in Australia.
At the moment 207 active Covid-19 cases, from the nearly 9k Covid-19 cases.
Those who do not comply wearing face  mask in public will be fined RM 1000.

The story behind my blog, why do I start blogging

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 Due the restriction to work in Malaysia, back in  my early days in Malaysia, I was fulltime  housewife, taking care of my children and see  them growing in front of my eyes till both of  them went to school.

 The youngest one was 6 years old and my eldest  9. I am the type that cannot stay idle and  must have some activities, a hobby such as  gardening, freelancing from home doing the data  entry. My husband at times is very busy.

 I followed him during his business trips, so I  started to take photos at places where we visited,  hotels, parks and so on. Ideas came and I wanted  to share even more and do more writings. At that  time, my English was worst compared to  now, but with my desire to write I asked my  husband to review my English.

Each opportunity to go to another city is an opportunity and inspiration for me to get involved in writing and to share more about my experiences. My goal is to present Malaysia as it is, without any superficial impose of photoshops. Just purely my experienced there.