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Selamat Datang PKP…Welcome to Lockdown, Malaysia 2021

 Selamat Datang PKP…Welcome to Lockdown Once again, we welcome the lockdown in Malaysia, I don’t remember and I even don’t want to count how many lockdowns passed by, but the good news is we managed to overcome, and we are now entering the second year of Pandemic Covid 19.  We are human and have the ability to adapt to new norms. I know that for each of us, 2020 was not an easy year, some had lost jobs, some changed their business to overcome from failing, some even disappear along the way affected by the Covid 19 virus and the majority who read this post are still wading through the Pandemic.  It does not matter, if we are broke, or our savings getting lower, the good thing is we are still alive.  Alhamdulillah.  These pandemic years is a year of survival in all areas such as health, mental, spiritual, and financial.   In this Pandemic times, it is good to look from other perspective and literally to “start counting our blessings" instead of focusing on how much this Pandemic aff

Beginners Blogger and Google Domains

blogs made with blogger, .99 domain names, yeahhost promo code, domainplus support, bigdomain seo, .blog domain, buy cheap domain godaddy 99, best place to buy domain name 2018, how to delete old blogspot account, when did blogspot start, is blogspot going away, blog name vs domain name, should i buy a domain for my blog, where to get a cheap domain name, blogging, domain name, buy domain, domain registration, godaddy domain, cheap hosting, domain price, cheap domain malaysia, malaysia domain hosting  The most challenging part in doing a blog is the cost. As a travel blogger there are a lot of challenges, but the most is money for me. Sometimes the budget it is not enough so I must limit myself and get creative and create more posts of whatever available.

Until recently I use a free blog space on blogspot, which help me a lot to create my own data content to have online. But having a domain, tend to limit visitors finding their way to my site. So I decided to do my own domain to increase the daily visit to my blog and the google search results.

I bought a domain name from Google, which cost me around USD12 a year and connect it to my data. The amazing fact is that I do not need to do any changes, to move data to other host.

I just enter the new domain under the blogger settings url and that`s a 1 min job. I was fascinated of the new blogger site and Google domain. No need for me to learn other control panels or other bloggers platform. This saves my time and keeps me more productive to increase my daily posts.


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