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Gunung Keriang Hiking

Gunung Keriang or Mount Keriang is 250 million year old lump of mainly limestone rock. The shape of the mount resemble an elephant and reaches a height of 218 meters.

The Mount Keriang is 10 km from Alor Setar, according to  Google Maps.

If you are a beginner hiker, Gunung Keriang, is the best track to start your first hiking adventure.

For me, i am a beginner hiker,  I  feel  the need to go back to nature, to hear the chirp of the birds, the need to breathe fresh air, the need to be active physically. I was doing a lot of Google research, prior to get in this adventure, however after my experience i found it even more interesting than what i read previously.

Arrived there at 8 am, had my breakfast earlier,  to my surprise the car parking was  almost full of cars and even bus. The place seem crowded. It was a nice feeling to see others on the mount.

The adventure is easy, especially if it is dry season as the place will be easy for hiking, otherwise if rainy season the place will be dangerous, as it will be slippery on the mostly rocks formation.

Most of the way have stairs that you can climb easily.  The signage available all the way. There will be some checkpoints you will notice during the climb, also there are 2 ways, one to reach the top mount where, you can have the Alor Setar top view, the landscape, the paddy fields, usually the people tend to go there, but also one more way to the cave. I went to both places.

However  the cave side during my time to the cave was empty no people. However i took the risk to go to the cave as well.  The scenery was awesome. Nice place to have great photo shoots. When i passed by the cave I noticed some bats there as well, which made me afraid to go near to the cave entrance.

After returning to the foothill, the shops near the parking are all open and there are some food, drinks and souvenirs shops.

Something that draw my attention was the rocks they are selling. It is said that the rocks are extracted from the mountain. Just bring some money with you if you like to buy something to remember from there.

I read on the internet that the place has monkeys, i am scared of them, especially if they will be near to us, or disturb our way to climb the mount. However the monkey  just stays down at the parking area, if any one will feed them, they will come. But seems everything under control, nothing to worry.
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gunung keriang hill, hiking, hobbies, malaysia travel, mount keriang,

gunung keriang hill, hiking, hobbies, malaysia travel, mount keriang,

gunung keriang hill, hiking, hobbies, malaysia travel, mount keriang,

gunung keriang hill, hiking, hobbies, malaysia travel, mount keriang,


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