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Advertising Doubts Clarification

When it comes to Advertising, everyone is in doubt, on which method to use either the online or offline channels, in order to boost your business. Advertising Questions Clarification When you think to advertise online or offline, you may put some questions to yourself before creating the advertisement campaign. For what purpose you do the advertising? Are you looking for fast potential customers? Are you looking for a short or long period brand awareness? Are you looking to advertise in your own neighborhood only? Are you looking to advertise to the entire country or worldwide? Advertising channels should be created based on your needs. The results to your questions may be the solution in choosing the best advertising channel. Online Advertising Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok and many more channels. If you are looking for fast results within a specific time of month you may consider Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok Ads. The campaign will run for a

My e-books

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Ready for purchase on Google Play or Google Books.
A housewife challenge plan for family weight loss & self-esteem improvement:
14 DAYS CHALLENGE (Google eBook)

This e-book is written for those who wish to change their overall look, improve their self-esteem and to start a healthy diet in their daily intakes.
In this e-book, I have provided, based on my experience, suggestions for dinner recipes that we used during our 14 days challenge and try outs. All recipes are mostly Asian and includes ingredients and the method of cooking.

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Ready for purchase on Google Play or Google Books.
Malaysia Through A Foreign Lens
All About Malaysia (Google eBook)

I started writing about Malaysia to share my knowledge, as and when I visited places, with tourist and would be tourists that are visiting Malaysia. This is coming from myself, permanently residing in the country, not just another tourist who came and go back to tell the experience, the culture, the food and everything about Malaysia.


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