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What motivates you?

People are different in what they need, what they want to achieve, what they value or how they perceive their life. People respond differently to motivation. Motivating people as a homogeneous group may create conflicts due to age, gender, disabilities and so on... You may motivate a person when you have a good overall view about them. What motivates a 55 year old male, may not motivate a 23 year old. What motivates a single man, may not motivate a mother with children. The best solution is to have a communication with the person, whether a husband/wife, a worker, or a person asking for advice. Communication may be the key to motivation.  For those interested in more motivations posts, you may check out my pages on  Facebook - Positive Vibes and Instagram - Positive Vibes

Must eat restaurant Bangi, Kajang

One of my favorite restaurant when I travel to Kajang  is the "Restoran Brother's Corner".
Address: Jalan Anggerik, Kampung Dato Abu Bakar Baginda, Bangi, 43000, Kajang, Selangor,Malaysia.
It offers ala carte dishes, especially my favorite menu: nasi goreng paprik ayam, satay kajang, and otak otak. They taste delicious and the price is affordable.