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Aloe Vera: How to extract the gel from Aloe Vera plant?

Aloe Vera is known as a medical plant. It is used in cosmetics for our skin care, as well as consumed  in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Aloe Vera originally grown in the Arabian Peninsula, however in our days, the plant is known to be available in all countries, and most of the household  know about the benefits of the Aloe Vera plant or even own their own Aloe Vera.The plant is easy to grow whether in a pot, or on the ground, easy to spread, with minimal care. The minimum requirements to grow them successfully is water, soil and sun. Once the plant starts to grow and becomes mature, it indicates the availability of the gel from the leaves, which makes the plant heavy and may grow out of pot or fall from the pot.  The leaves are solid and filled with a transparent gel.
In the cosmetics care Aloe Vera is known for its benefits in:Prevents Wrinkles Improve Skin Condition The gel that the Aloe Vera plants produce is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.Aloe…

Be Your Own Best Friend: How to Achieve Greater Self-esteem, Health and Happiness

Book Summary
Be Your Own Best Friend: How to Achieve Greater Self-esteem, Health and Happiness
Proto, Louis

1.       Is feeling good about yourself. When you don`t feel good about yourself, you don`t feel good.
2.       Words like “should” and “can’t” castrate our positive energy. If we are constantly judging ourselves in our heads, telling ourselves that we shouldn’t have done this or can`t do that, we limit ourselves.
3.       Thoughts/ideas are like seeds which, if we give them energy by cultivating them, will take root and eventually bear fruits.
4.       Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.
5.       Your environment is only as high as you are.
6.       Sub personalities:
·         The Inner Child – this is the part of us that is innocent, vulnerable, trusting, fresh, capable of intimacy and warmth, spontaneity and love.

·         The Inner Parent/Controller- this sub personality is the interjection of all the authority figures who have ever influenced us in the past: parents, teachers, and clergy. We carry them around with us, warning, guiding, controlling in the interested of keeping us safe from harm.

·         The Pleaser - We have all learned in the past, to please others in order to feel loved. We must learn to please ourselves before trying to please other people, and in order to do this we need to trust ourselves to behave in a loving, nurturing way because we love others, not to make them love us.

·         The Critic – this one has the most power to wreck our peace of mind and make us feel bad about ourselves. The critic in us can make us miserable and depressed, lose confidence and ultimately even drive us mad.

·         The Driver – is the part of us that impels us to work even when there is no need. Unless we do, the Driver makes us feel restless, unsatisfied.

7.       I know that I am capable of coping with every situation as it arises.
8.       Prayer does not change God; it changes us.
9.       Change the inner and the outer follows.
10.   Words that serve to limit our power: Impossible, can`t, try, limitation, if only, but, however, difficult, ought to, should and doubt.
11.   The Creative Law – this is a structure that shows you, step by step, how to attract the things you need to you:
·         a clear intention;
·         faith that it is on its way already;
·         intense expectation;
·         Gratitude when it manifests.
12.   But surely, if we love ourselves like you say, wouldn’t we all become very selfish? What about giving? One can only to give if one has something to give. If you don`t give to yourself first, how can you possibly give to others? You will like a beggar, undernourished, demanding and desperate.