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The month of LOVE

February is the month of love, globally many countries celebrating Valentine's day on 14 February, similarly in my country we celebrated Dragobete Day on the 24th of February.

The February months is known as the ending of the harsh winter, and welcoming the new month of March and the start of the spring and flowers season.

Whether you find your valentine's or  not, first we should consider to love our-self and keep improving to be a better person. The right Valentine's will come when the time is right.

 Some points to starting to love yourself are:

▪︎ Invest every day an amount of your time to read
▪︎ Make new friends
▪︎ Spend 30 minutes  daily in a quiet room to reflect on your goals, ideas.
▪︎ Minimize watching TV
▪︎ Stop gossiping
▪︎ Plan each day of work and stick to it.
▪︎ Think high standards in everything you do
▪︎ When you lose, setback and reflect, that when you lose you learn, and do not feel as a failure
▪︎ Admit your faults and correct them
▪︎ See the good sid…

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