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Lavender Garden, Cameron Highlands

It`s a floral theme garden, that has a variety of flowers such as lavenders, orchids, camellias, daisy, lily and many more. The garden is small but filled with flowers and feel like a girl's dream palace. A good time for a walk in nature and flower therapy for the eyes. In the garden, you may buy some souvenirs, ice cream and strawberries.

Admission: Adults: RM 15 Children: RM 10

Restoran Tenang Seafood, Pantai Batu Burok

tenang seafood batu buruk, tempat makan di pantai batu burok, makan sedap pantai batu burok, pantai batu buruk waktu malam, pasar malam pantai batu burok, makan malam sedap di kuala terengganu, tempat makan di merang terengganu, tempat makan best di pantai penarikWhile in Terengganu i had two cravings, one for the Nasi Kerabu, a local rice dish or seafood.
During our river cruise, we got some feedback to visit some places for eateries. So we headed to Pantai Batu Burok and found the  Restoran Tenang Seafood.

The restaurant deco looks very interesting and we stop there. Once entered i imagine in my mind some Crispy Prawn Fritters, Crispy Squid Fritters and Tom Yam soup will do. But because it was Friday, which is a weekend in Terengganu state, there was a short in restaurant staff and menu, and not offering the fritters dishes displayed in the menu.

I was a bit disappointed as need to order others style of cooking the prawn and the squids, so i choose Ginger fried Prawn , Ginger fried Squid, and Tom Yam served with rice.

The dishes turns out to be very delicious and I enjoyed it.

If you pass through Pantai Batu Burok you can give it a try. Let me know if you have the chance to order and taste fritter dishes. Price is affordable.